The Team

Victor Ko



A reputable Finance Manager by day, and someone who foregoes showering on weekends in hopes of sending his projects, Nick is obsessed with climbing. One of his top Type II fun memories, was spending a night "sleeping" in the passenger seat of a Mazda 3, before a very early start to climb the Andromeda Skyladder on the Icefields Parkway. Luckily, the bluebird day and epic views more than made up for the awful night in the car.



Since her early years growing up in Nigeria, Oyinkan has been fascinated with exploring new places, and in love with big open skies. A wanderer by choice - Oyinkan is always up for a "roll up your sleeves and go" kind of adventure. Whether it's a spontaneous attempt to climb the Gros Morne mountain in Newfoundland, a Prairie weekend road trip with friends, a drive through the pass or a solo adventure across Canada, Europe or Asia, Oyinkan is passionate about exploring the outdoors and encouraging others to do the same.



Peter is a designer at heart, always tinkering away at different projects and coming up with new ideas. When he's not busy building cool things, he likes to get outside and explore. Growing up on Vancouver Island and spending time exploring the Canadian Rockies he has desired to learn more about creating products that add value to the outdoor space. He has a fond memory of hauling 50lb bags through the longest cave on Vancouver Island to support an exploration team trying to find an upper entrance. The trip ended after 21 hours at 4 am and was capped off with an entire pumpkin pie.



Remy is the most rugged model we have on staff. He adapts to all levels of activities, enjoying scaling steep river banks and long hikes, or short jaunts around the block. He's really excited his dad helped build the Backseat Bivy, as now he has more room to stretch out in the trunk.
Marin Julia



Loki doesn't take any s***. He loves going on adventures, but he likes his naps too. The first one to complain if he hasn't slept well, Loki is the one we work hardest to impress with the Backseat Bivy.