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Cozy Car Camping πŸ™Œ

Posted by Nicholas Haycock on
Cozy Car Camping πŸ™Œ
Have you ever slept in a car with a mouse? But not your typical mouse. This mouse is 70lbs, white and takes up a lot of space.
It wasn't uncommon to look at each other on an evening and I ask, where do you want to go. This particular destination was not very far but the desire to get out of the city was high. A sleeping bag, pillow, blankets and our gear situated in the trunk ready for our sunset sleeping adventure.Β 
Sleeping in a Mazda 3 is not always easy on your own, but adding a 70lb dog on top who likes to climb on top until comfy makes for a very interesting night.Β 
Our car sleep adventure started with a trail run in Canmore to watch the sunset on top of Ha Ling, which was rewarding at best with golden skies and mountain peaks. Once the trail frolic was over, we set up our stove for a quick meal before finding our sleeping destination.
Typically, I sleep in the driver's seat, luckily it lays flat so it makes for a comfortable position, while Aspen curls up in her fleece blanket on the other side in the back. But this particular night, feet stretched into the back of the trunk I chose the back with Aspen. Not knowing this new world of a trunk would open so many opportunities for this adventurous mouse. The sleep consisted of exploring this new land and eventually curling up near my side, thankfully so with the colder night settling in.Β 
She is the greatest adventure companion, never questioning where we are off too and what adventure awaits. We have a lot to work on with our car sleeping set up, but surely enough any set up that leads us into the mountains is something worth raving about.Β 
Mikaela Gulliver

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