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Our customers know how well the bivy has enhanced their car camping game
Based on 9 reviews
Backseat Bivy [Original]
Richard Blackwelder
Backseat Bivy is a great piece of gear.

The Backseat Bivy works great in my Outback.It sets up quick and I get a comfortable sleep. I recomend the Backseat Bivy to the Outback owners that I talk with.

Game changer for car camping

This was a great addition to our camping in the car trips. No more pillows on the floor.

Fantastic Product

I purchased the backseat bivy and a seat cargo organizer. Both are amazing products and I would purchase again in a second!

Awesome hat

The perfect addition to a rad day out! This hat accommodates all weather patterns. Sun -> here's some shade. Rain -> let me block that for you. Wardrobe not coming together -> girl, I got you 🔥

Bivy Trail Runner Hat
Simon Tremblay
Best hat I ever owned!

I love this hat! It's light, dries fast, stylish, versatile and durable. Makes you look as good on the trail then on the streets! By far the best hat I ever bought!

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Jonathan Ruland
Simple and effective

Easy to set up and very useful for car sleepers. If you get tired of setting up your tent just to sleep for one night and take it down again in the morning, you will not regret this purchase. And it's cheaper than a tent!

Unexpectedly handy in many ways

I love my Bivy so much that I keep it up most of the time. It hides valuables by creating a "semi-sealed" storage unit in the back passenger's feet area. On my 2-month road trip, I slept like a baby in my Subaru, better than a bed thanks to the Bivy. Saving me a lot of money! I put bins of my gear, food, and clothing on one side and slept on the other. Since I'm a bit tall for my car, I slept on a slight angle, but the Bivy allows me to do so very well.


I travel a lot for work and have been unexpectedly stuck on closed roads in rural BC often. The bivy saved my behind more than once when I had to car camp in a pinch. Extremely convenient and actually lets me get a good night’s sleep. It’s now part of my emergency car kit with a sleeping bag and blanket.

Permanently in my car now

I originally bought this for some dirtbag climbing roadtrips and have used it for a total of 26 nights. 10 of those nights have been with my wife and my dog sharing the vehicle with me. I use it with a 2011 Ford Escape. It is now an essential in the car. Here's some random points that come to mind.

1) It increases storage. I've done plenty of car camping before I got the bivy and the thing that always bugged me was jamming all my crap in the space between the seats so I could have a pillow area. With the bivy, it adds a lot more room to sleep above the gear (10"?), the gear is less smushed, and makes it way easier to find 'that one thing' that you threw down there.

2) It's easily adjustable from "reading and eating a bowl of noodles" mode to sleeping mode by just adding slack to the system. When I first used it I thought it was uncomfortable. Then I realized I was dense as a bran muffin and adjusted the slack to my liking and slept like a champ.

Is it comparable to a hotel? Of course not, it's a car. Is it better than regular car camping? 10000%. I've probably saved a grand when my wife and I go on roadtrips by extending car camping. Prior to the bivy, I could do maybe 3 days in the car before I need a hotel or tent or couch. With the bivy I can happily do 6 (most I've done in a row, could do more easily).

3) It's awesome to have for emergencies during the winter too, as I've been caught driving late in snowstorms and it's nice to know i have a way to convert my car to a sleeping hammock if I have to spend the night.

4) Finally, I have a dog that is a backseat driver and wants to join the party in front. The bivy stays up as a barrier and it saves me from surprise ear licks when I'm passing that semi on the Coquihalla. Worth it for this alone.

Solid gear. I'm rough on stuff and it's still working great. It's handled lumber, rock, errant screws and nails, and my stanky butt for about two years now and it's good as ever.