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Our customers know how well the bivy has enhanced their car camping game
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I haven't had a chance to use it yet, it's still winter where I'm at.

Does the job while saving storage space

Bought this for a car camping setup in my 2019 Crosstrek. Debated a few alternatives to 'fill the gap' between seats to provide me more usable space to lounge. Other options considered included inflatable gap fillers (wastes otherwise usable space), plastic storage bins (not going to need for every trip).

This was the best option for me, since it allows you to extend your sleeping distance over the gap while still leaving room below for flexible storage (e.g. shoes, ski boots, miscellaneous items). Plus it packs and stores easy!

Photo below for setup with Bivy providing just the perfect amount of space to fit my pad and bag!

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Hans Rosenlehner
Part of my e kit

Drive 1100km to get to work once a month. Feel good to have an emergency place to crash

Bivy and PRIUS

I'm not sure if the Prius is perfect fit for this. The strap of the Bivy that clips to the child retainer is too long. Would have like the strap to shorten even more to have the right tension on the bottom of the Bivy. Not sure about this product but it's a very good try and looking forward sleeping in mty car this spring caus' now it's winter a 10 below zero.

Unlocked my camping life!

I highly recommend my get this product, especially if you have a smaller car for camping!
My Subaru Crosstrek is my base camp of choice, and while it’s taken a few tries to get the most out of my Bivy, it’s made my sleeping so much better. For me it was a matter of adjusting the front seats in conjunction with the tension of the straps on the Bivy.
Whether you have a small car like me or not, this will radically change your camping for the better!

Great product

So easy to setup and who doesn’t appreciate a great nights sleep.

Order never received

Order was never received


Upon reviewing your order it is noted the Backseat Bivy was shipped. USPS has noted the address information is insufficient. We have sent you a personal email to assist in the recovery of the package.

Backseat Bivy Team

Backseat Bivy [Original]
travis lavender
My first trip with my Bivy

I ordered this to accommodate for seeping in the back of my Subaru for an upcoming Colorado trip. I was so happy that it showed up a day early. This made my car camping trip very enjoyable and allowed me the space a 6' 2" guy needs to rest comfortably. i would highly recommend this to anyone that car camps! Great product, sets up in minutes!

It just works

I was a bit hesitant getting this for a bit and finally but the bullet. I think blown away. It just works great! I paired it with a $25 decathalon air sleeping pad.

For a rav 4, just tilting the seats forward gave it a perfect fit

Perfect adventure hat!

I love hiking and running in this hat. Great air flow and its easy to tighten up on those windy days! Holds its shape great even after you accidentally put it in the bottom of your bag and than pile all your gear in :)

Backseat Bivy [Original]
STEVEN Marshall

Works great with our mattress in the Model Y.

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Daniel Hanks (daniehank_6)
Perfect for car camping

This little thing can transform your car into a comfy tent. Get some side door window screens and enjoy the adventure sleeping in your car almost anywhere you can legally park it.

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Travis Williams
Best Car Camping Solutin

I have had the Backseat Bivy for a year and I have spent over thiry nights in the back of my Subaru Ascent. A simple and elegant solution to the gap behind the front seats. I wish I had known about this sooner.

Awesome product!

I love the backseat bivy for comfy sleeps in my subaru forester. it transforms a sketchy sleep into a comfy one! love it!

Backseat Bivy Transforms our Tesla Camping Experience

We sleep so well with the Backseat Bivy since it perfectly closes the gap to the front seats (we also adjust the front seats as far forward as they allow to maximize sleeping space). While I thought about DIY options, they were heavy and unwieldy to transport while the Backseat Bivy is an elegant solution that's light and compact requiring little of our precious cargo space.

Great but velcro wears out quick

Great product but somewhat low quality with the velcro

Hi Tyler,

We appreciate the feedback as we want to make sure this isn't an issue going forward. I see your order is from back on our first production order back in 2021, please send an email and we can get this repaired for you.

Backseat Bivy Team

More confortable then expected

I initialy bought it for emergencies
And when I had to use it, and it was surprisingly so confortable
And since I have used it to save on motel rooms

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Christopher Erickson
Good system, and simple

It was the answer to my RAV4 sleeping issue fits perfectly easy to set up. Coupled with the tent system for the back hatch a great camping setup

Road trip

Worked great on my cross country trip in my toyota highlander
Set up was easy and made for a great sleep

Worth the purchase

Works perfectly in my Toyota Fielder. I recommend it to all my friends.

Fills in head and shoulders space

Fits perfectly in my 2023 Subaru Outback and support is solid, materials are great and it’s well made

Backseat Bivy [Original]
Richard Blackwelder
Backseat Bivy is a great piece of gear.

The Backseat Bivy works great in my Outback.It sets up quick and I get a comfortable sleep. I recomend the Backseat Bivy to the Outback owners that I talk with.

Game changer for car camping

This was a great addition to our camping in the car trips. No more pillows on the floor.

Fantastic Product

I purchased the backseat bivy and a seat cargo organizer. Both are amazing products and I would purchase again in a second!

Awesome hat

The perfect addition to a rad day out! This hat accommodates all weather patterns. Sun -> here's some shade. Rain -> let me block that for you. Wardrobe not coming together -> girl, I got you 🔥