Backseat Bivy & Hat Combo

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Backseat Bivy & Hat Combo

$154.00 USD

The Original Backseat Bivy

48" wide, this durable hammock spans the width of your car and bridges that awkward gap between the seats, to maximize the sleeping space in your vehicle.

Constructed from 600D polyester and collapsible tent poles, the Bivy secures to the front seat headrests via length-adjustable straps, and securely clicks onto the rear seat safety hooks to keep you in the same position all night long (gone are the times when you wake up with your face lower than your feet.)

Whether you're on a week long road trip or have a big weekend in the mountains, losing sleep can lead to low-performance, bad decision making and arguments with your partner. The Backseat Bivy helps you to sleep well, so you can adventure hard (and not get dumped).

Perfect your setup, no matter what car you have. No more stuffing blankets in that stupid gap, and no DIY required.



Our trail runner hat is a sweet addition to your wardrobe. High quality breathable fabric make this a great adventure partner.